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Mega Widget Set

Iwidget Description
buttonbox The Buttonbox performs geometry management for Pushbutton instances.
calendar The calendar iwidget allows the user to choose a date from the display.
canvasprintbox The Canvasprintbox iwidget allows the user to print from a canvas to a printer or file. The output is in postscript format.
canvasprintdialog The canvasprintdialog command creates a print dialog for printing the contents of a canvas widget to a printer or a file.
checkbox The Checkbox iwidget allows the user to organize related checkbuttons into a group.
combobox The combobox class is an enhanced entry field widget with an optional associated label and a scrollable list.
dateentry The Dateentry iwidget allows the user to enter dates either by selecting a date from a pop-up calendar or by using the keyboard to type in the date.
datefield The datefield iwidget is a specialty entry widget that allows the user to enter dates more readily.
dialog The Dialog class is a specialized version of the Dialogshell with four predefined buttons, "OK", "Cancel", "Apply", and "Help".
dialogshell The Dialogshell class provides base class support for top level iwidget modal dialogs.
disjointlistbox The disjointlistbox iwidget provides the user with 2 scrolledlistboxes, that allows the user to pass items from one listbox to the other.
entryfield The entryfield iwidget associates a label with an entry widget, providing text entry, length, validation, and editing enhancements.
extbutton The extbutton iwidget extends the behavior of the Tk button by allowing a bitmap or image to coexist with text.
extfileselectionbox The extfileselectionbox iwidget makes file selection easier by giving the user an easier navigation mechanism.
extfileselectiondialog The extfileselectiondialog iwidget makes file selection easier by giving the user an easier navigation mechanism.
feedback The feedback iwidget is used to display the status of a task, so the user has some feedback on the status of the task. The user gets a graphical progress indicator (progress bar) as well as a numerical one (percentage).
fileselectionbox The fileselectionbox iwidget presents a file selector similar to that found in the Motif widget set.
fileselectiondialog The fileselectiondialog iwidget makes file selection easier by giving the user an easier navigation mechanism. The user can navigate through directories by double clicking on a directory in the left hand listbox.
finddialog The finddialog iwidget is used in conjunction with a text widget so that the text widget can be easily searched for text strings or regular expression patterns.
hierarchy The hierarchy iwidget is used as a hierarchical data viewer for tasks that involve tree type relationships, such as directory structures.
hyperhelp The hyperhelp iwidget is used to display HTML formatted pages.
labeledframe The labeledframe iwidget is used as a base class iwidget for constructing other iwidgets.
labeledwidget The labeledwidget iwidget is the most primitive mega-widget in the set, providing label support in the other classes.
mainwindow The mainwindow iwidget can be used as an interface to an application (i.e. text or drawing editor). It includes some of the most popular widgets that are found on most application interfaces.
menubar The menubar iwidget provides an easy way to build a menu.
messagebox The messagebox iwidget is used to display messages in a scrolled text window.
messagedialog The messagedialog iwidget provides a bitmap and message text within a dialog context. Options control the position of the bitmap and message. All the standard dialog control options are also available.
notebook The notebook iwidget is used to display various pages(windows) without using extra screen real estate. Several pages can be defined, but only one page will be visible at a time. The pages can be selected by using the prev, next, and select public methods. Alternately, the pages can be scrolled through using the -scrollcommand option and the view public method.
optionmenu The optionmenu iwidget allows selection of one item from a set of items.
panedwindow The panedwindow iwidget is composed of panes, separators, and sashes for adjustment of the separators.
promptdialog Based on the Dialog class, the Promptdialog provides a Motif style prompt dialog.
pushbutton The pushbutton iwidget offers the standard Tk button widget with the ability to display as a default button with a recessed ring.
radiobox The radiobox iwidget provides radiobutton management support.
regexpfield The regexpfield iwidget extends the entryfield by validate the entry against a regular expression pattern.
scrolledcanvas The scrolledcanvas iwidget applies scrollbars and display options to a standard Tk canvas widget.
scrolledframe The scrolledframe iwidget combines the functionality of scrolling with that of a typical frame widget to implement a clipable viewing area whose visible region may be modified with the scrollbars.
scrolledhtml The scrolledhtml iwidget allows HTML formatted documents to be viewed on a Scrolledtext iwidget.
scrolledlistbox The scrolledlistbox iwidget extends the standard Tk listbox widget with predefined vertical and horizontal scrollbars and an associated label.
scrolledtext The scrolledtext iwidget provides all the functionality of the standard Tk text widget along with scrollbar and label control.
selectionbox The selectionbox iwidget combines a scrolled list of items, an editable entry field for the selected item, and labels for the list and entry field, allowing the user to select or enter one item from a list of alternatives. The Selectionbox also provides a child site and an option to control its position.
selectiondialog The selectiondialog iwidget provides a dialog based Selectionbox.
shell The shell iwidget is a base class widget. It contains a hull and a childsite, so that other widgets can be place inside.
spindate The spindate iwidget creates a set of spinners for use in date entry.
spinint The spinint iwidget offers spinning behavior specifically for integers.
spinner Spinners constitute a set of widgets which provide EntryField functionality combined with increment and decrement arrow buttons
spintime The spintime iwidget is simiar to the spindate class supporting time entry rather than date. The three spinners are hour, minute, and second.
tabnotebook The tabnotebook iwidget displays a set of tabbed pages.
tabset The tabset iwidget contains a set of tab buttons.
timeentry The timeentry iwidget consists of a specialized entry widget and a popup watch, that is invoked by an icon next to the entry widget.
timefield The timefield iwidget consists of a specialized entry widget that allows the user to more easily enter a time.
toolbar The toolbar iwidget displays a collection of widgets arranged either in a row or a column, depending on the value of the orient option.
watch The watch iwidget is a analog clock on a canvas, with 2 radiobuttons to represent AM and PM.
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