[incr Widgets] Contributions


Contributions are greatly appreciated. I feel that [incr Widgets] is a good start in the direction of establishing a strong set of object-oriented mega-widgets, but I swear that everytime I go back and look at the source I see an even better more simplier way something could have been accomplished. Should anybody within the Tcl/Tk community come upon an even better way, a great enhancement, or an awesome new mega-widget altogether, please don't hesitate to send it to the author listed in the header or myself, mulferts@spd.dsccc.com, as moderator. I or any of the development team members are always available via email for a technical interchange of ideas.

[incr Widgets] is a continuing effort. We have many new mega-widgets currently under development and are actively looking for volunteers to take on several others. Those which we have under construction include:

  • Menubar
  • Mainwindow
  • Entrytable
  • Calendar
  • Gauge

We are also searching for individuals willing to contribute their own [incr Tk] based mega-widgets for inclusion into the [incr Widgets] set. The distribution is moderated. Contributed mega-widgets should be of good quality and complete with documentation, tests, and demonstrations. Please follow the coding style found in the distribution source. This includes man page and test script formats as well. The languages and extensions on which [incr Widgets] is based are of high standards. [incr Widgets] strives to attain this same level.

Those mega-widgets which we are looking for include but are not limited to the following list. Should you be interested in signing up for any of those listed here, please send email to the distribution moderator: mulferts@spd.dsccc.com. Also, should you have any ideas on others not listed, please send email to the same.

  • Dial
  • Table
  • Tree
  • Spreadsheet
  • Printdialog
  • HTML Helpviewer
  • Labledframe
  • Timer
  • Fontdialog
  • Biswitch
  • Colordialog
  • Colorgrid
  • Istrumentation
  • Printdialog
  • Graphs
  • Any Ideas?