Michael McLennan

Michael McLennan
Senior Research Scientist
Purdue University, YONG 616
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Phone: (765)494-6495
E-mail: mmclennan@purdue.edu

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Effective Tcl/Tk Programming
I'm a coauthor on
this book
Tcl/Tk Tools
I contributed some chapters to this book
[incr Tcl]
I created [incr Tcl], an object-oriented extension of Tcl/Tk
Screen snaps of Tcl/Tk apps
I love to build tools with Tcl/Tk. Check out these screen snaps!
Tcl/Tk Consortium
I was president of the Tcl/Tk Consortium
Training courses
I teach Tcl/Tk training courses
MMc at the Great Wall
I brought Tcl/Tk to the Great Wall of China!

Biographical Info

Michael McLennan received a Ph.D. in 1990 from Purdue University for his dissertation on dissipative quantum mechanical electron transport in semiconductor heterostructure devices. He became a Tcl enthusiast when he joined Bell Labs in 1992 to work on tools for semiconductor device and process simulation. He is co-author of "Effective Tcl/Tk Programming" (published by Addison-Wesley) and "Tcl/Tk Tools" (published by O'Reilly and Associates). He also developed [incr Tcl], an object-oriented extension of Tcl, which is now used by thousands of developers worldwide, on projects ranging from the TiVo digital video recorder to the Mars Pathfinder.

Dr. McLennan is currently a Senior Research Scientist at Purdue University, where he develops simulation and visualization software for the Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN).